Sunday, August 4, 2013

Personal Freedom Party Faces Challenge In Ballot Access Drive

Originally published on IPR on August 2nd, 2013:
The Personal Freedom Party is an essentially nonexistant politcal party in New York State without a website, formal organization, bylaws, more than a handful of legitimate members, state recognition of any kind or anything else. The “party” has a mere four likes on Facebook. Tom Stevens, an attorney who founded the Objectivist Party and ran as its presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012, is the leader of this frivolous political organization.
The paper organization announced in May at what was termed a nominating convention that it would run professorial chess player and 2012 Libertarian Party presidential contender Sam Sloan for Mayor of New York City, Stevens for for NYC Public Advocate, and Richard Bozulich for Comptroller. Two paid petitioners were hired to collect 7,000 signatures for the ballot access drive.
Apparently, according to Stevens’s blog, the slate of candidates tried to also get on the ballot as Republican Party candidates. New York is one of only eight states were electoral fusion is legal, meaning that candidates may appear on the ballot more than once as members of multiple parties. However, the only other states that typically practice fusion are South Carolina and Connecticut. The GOP line needed 3,750 signatures. The blog post explained that Sloan spent $22,900 to hire several petitioners, several of whom were flown in from out of state.
In total, 4,517 signatures were filed, but they were challenged. A hearing was held at the New York City Board of Elections on July 30th, at which the signatures were rejected because the witnesses to the signatures were not members of the Republican Party.
According to Stevens, Sloan may discontinue financing the drive to get the Personal Freedom Party candidates on the ballot.
Note from me: I got attacked by "Doctor" Tom Stevens on his blog because of the article. You can see the article below:
On of Stevens's lackeys (or possibly himself, who knows) called me an "immature, pot-smoking pipsqueak" and said that I should be "immediately dismissed as a contributor to the Independent Political Report." Lol. Those who have been aware of Stevens's activities by following IPR over the years know that he is one of the most dangerous and disgusting people in the third party world, causing possibly irrevocable damage to the Libertarian Party through whatever way he possibly can, be it running the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania as an absolute dictator and doing all he could to run that organization into the ground to publishing  wildly disturbing articles like Support For The Decriminilzation Of Bestiality Is Becoming a Key Issue For Libertarian Leaders. Needless to say, Stevens is a deranged lunatic whose antics it would be better to ignore but's so hard too...he's entertaining. Oh well. 

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